Database Configuration

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If you choose not to use the CloudBees CD/RO built-in (default) database, use this page to configure your alternate CloudBees CD/RO-supported alternate database (such as MySQL, SQL Server, or Oracle) to communicate with CloudBees CD/RO.

The CloudBees CD/RO built-in database is not recommended for production use.

Fill in the fields as follows:

Field Name Description

Database Type

Select your database type from the drop-down menu. If the Built-in (MariaDB) option is selected, no other information is required.

The Built-in (MariaDB) option is supported only for the built-in database that is installed by CloudBees CD/RO. Any other MariaDB database is not supported; that is, you cannot install another MariaDB instance and use it with CloudBees CD/RO. Also, changing the database configuration options (such as the database name, host name, and credentials) to use any other database such as MySQL when using the Built-in (MariaDB) option is not supported.

Database Name

Enter your database name.

Host Name

Enter the host name for your database server.


Use the default port or enter a new port number.

Database Credentials

  • User Name —Accept the default "commander" user name or enter the appropriate user name for your database.

  • Password —Enter the database password.

When you set the SQL server as the database, you can only use a non-named database.

Click Save and Restart Server after entering information in all fields. You may need to consult with your Database Administrator if you lack all of the information required on this web page.