Edit User Settings

1 minute readAutomation

Use this page to modify your User Settings for the product tab view. Depending on which view you choose, you can have limited access to CloudBees CD/RO features and functions.

In the Tab View, use the pull-down menu to make a new selection:

  • Default —Selecting this view provides all regular/standard product tab views, including plugins, which by default are installed into this view.

  • Base —This view removes the ability to use a plugin. You can see the plugin list (accessed by selecting the Plugins tab), but you are denied access to configure, install, uninstall, or promote a plugin.

  • Inherit —Frequently this view is set for a group. The UI searches for the property, ec_ui/defaultView, first on the user, second in any groups the user belongs to, and last, on the server. The inherit setting clears the user’s private defaultView setting and then picks up the first value from the rest of the search path.

Click OK after selecting a different tab view.