Separating Agents from CloudBees CD/RO Servers

1 minute readScalability

Use this procedure if you need to separate CloudBees CD/RO services and agents. By default, a CloudBees CD/RO agent is installed with the CloudBees CD/RO server, web server, and repository. For more information, see Configuration Considerations and Verifying CloudBees CD/RO Services .

  1. Verify that no CloudBees CD/RO agents are installed on any of the CloudBees CD/RO server nodes. If necessary, remove the agent software from the CloudBees CD/RO server nodes.

  2. Verify that none of the CloudBees CD/RO utilities use a local resource. If you are not sure if a local resource is in use, create an agent resource called local and monitor the system.

  3. Remove the local resource.

  4. Create a new agent resource with a new name for each agent on each CloudBees CD/RO server node machine.

  5. Create a resource pool named local containing all these resources.