Separating Agents from CloudBees Flow Servers

1 minute read

Use this procedure if you need to separate CloudBees Flow services and agents. By default, a CloudBees Flow agent is installed with the CloudBees Flow server, web server, and repository. For more information, see Configuration Considerations and Verifying CloudBees Flow Services .

  1. Verify that no CloudBees Flow agents are installed on any of the CloudBees Flow server nodes. If necessary, remove the agent software from the CloudBees Flow server nodes.

  2. Verify that none of the CloudBees Flow utilities use a local resource. If you are not sure if a local resource is in use, create an agent resource called local and monitor the system.

  3. Remove the local resource.

  4. Create a new agent resource with a new name for each agent on each CloudBees Flow server node machine.

  5. Create a resource pool named local containing all these resources.