Resource Pool Details

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This page displays information for the resource pool you selected, including a summary of the specifications supplied to create the resource pool, current resources assigned to this pool, and the ability to add or remove resources.

  • Edit —use this link to go to the Edit Resource Pool page.

  • Access Control —use this link to go the Access Control page for this resource pool.

  • The "star" icon allows you to save this information to your Home page.

  • The "curved arrow" icon returns you to the Resource Pools page.

  • Pagination —Use the "previous" and "next" arrow icons to view the previous or next project. The numbers between the arrow icons display the number of projects you can view and the first number indicates which project [in the list] you are viewing.

The tabbed sections

The tabs at the top of the table allow you to select the type of information you want to see. The Resource Pool Details page opens with the Resources tab highlighted, so the first table you see is the Resources table. See the following screen example.

This table displays the resources currently included in this pool. The name of the pool follows the Resource Pool Details page title.

The summary section at the top of the table contains information previously defined when the pool was created:

  • Description —The text previously supplied for this object when it was created.

  • Ordering Filter —The Javascript ordering filter (see the New Resource Pool Help topic for more information) or "empty" if no filter was applied.

  • Auto Delete —When "yes" is specified, the pool will be deleted when the last remaining resource is removed or deleted from the pool.

  • Enabled —"Yes" specifies this pool is enabled for use.

Add Resources to Pool —Click this link to see a pop-up dialog to enter a resource name to add to this pool. You can type a name or select from a list of existing resource names. If other resources are already configured, you will see a list from which to select a resource. Click OK to add new resources to the pool.

Column descriptions

Column Name Description or actions

Resource Name

The name of the resource. Click on a resource name to go to the Edit Resource page.


Current status of the resource.


Indicates whether the resource is enabled. If a resource is disabled, no job steps will be assigned to it. CloudBees CD/RO will use other resources within the pool to satisfy requests for the pool.


Text previously supplied for this object when it was created.


Steps assigned to run on this resource will use this host.

Proxy Agent

Name or IP address of the proxy agent machine.


Version of the CloudBees CD/RO agent installed on this resource.


A check mark indicates HTTPS was selected when this resource was created.

Step Limit

Maximum number of steps that can execute simultaneously on this resource.


  • Ping Ping —Select to check the status of the resource.

  • Remove —Use this link to remove a resource from this pool.

Properties tab

This tab provides a table listing all properties for the resource pool and includes the following functionality.

  • To create a new property for this resource pool, click the Create Property or Create Nested Sheet link.

  • To view or change privileges on the property sheet, click the Access Control link.

Column descriptions

Column Name Description / Action

Property Name

The name of the property. Click on a property name to edit that property.


Indicates the value assigned to this property


A text description previously supplied for your reference only.


Delete —Use this link to delete this property.