CloudBees CD/RO features

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CloudBees CD/RO is an adaptive release orchestration platform that lets teams implement fast and adapt easily, with unprecedented insight and control of all types of releases–at any scale.

  • Automate deployments: Predictably deploy any application to any environment at any scale.

  • Orchestrate releases: Manage release pipelines and dependencies across all your teams, DevOps tools, and environments.

  • Gain CloudBees Analytics: Track progress and identity patterns with 360º visibility into metrics across all DevOps processes.


Deployment automation

  • Model-based deployment to any environment

  • Microservices and container orchestration

  • Automated roll back

  • Environments on demand

  • Reusable components

  • Advanced deployment strategies

  • Environment inventory and drift tracking

  • Environment inventory

  • Environment reservation

Release orchestration

  • Pipeline orchestration

  • Approval gates

  • Planned vs. actual views

  • Release visibility

  • Environment reservation

  • Path to production

  • Release Command Center dashboard

  • Release calendar

CloudBees Analytics

  • Automatic data collection

  • Application Deployments dashboard

  • Code Commit Trends dashboard

  • Continuous Integration dashboard

  • Customizable dashboards

  • DORA metrics

  • Microservice Deployments dashboard

  • Releases dashboard

Unified platform

  • Process as code / DSL

  • Self-service catalog

  • Plugins / integrations

  • Audit and compliance reporting

  • Fine-grained access control

  • Agent-based architecture

  • Enterprise scalability