Artifact Versions

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This page displays all artifact versions available on this CloudBees CD/RO server.

You can search for artifact versions and save the search filters for later use. See Context Searching and Filtering for details on using the search capabilities on this page.

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Column descriptions

Column Name Description / Actions


The name of the artifact version. Select an artifact version name to go to the Artifact Version Details page for that artifact version.


The name of the artifact. Select an artifact name to go to the Artifact Details page for that artifact.

Group Id

The name of the group where this artifact version is a member.

Artifact Key

The "key" identifier for this artifact version.


The artifact version represented, by default, as major.minor.patch-qualifier-buildNumber.

You will not see all 5 artifact version components specified if only 3 components were defined.


The current state of this artifact version. Possible values are: available|publishing|unavailable.

Modify Time

The last time this artifact version was modified.


Edit —Use this link to go to the Edit Artifact Version page to modify the artifact version on this row. Delete— Use this link to delete the artifact version on this row.