Artifact Version—edit an existing artifact version

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This page displays an existing artifact version you can modify.

  • Access Control —Use this link to add or change permissions for this artifact version.

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To edit an artifact version

Field Name Description / Action


You can type-over the artifact version name in this field to change or modify the existing name.


You can add a description or modify your existing description.


This is the job that completed the publish operation. Click this link to go to the Job Details page for this job. If this artifact version was published outside of a job context (for example, from ectool), the value for this field is "None".


An artifact version can be in one of three states: available, unavailable, and publishing. If the artifact version is:

  • in the Publishing state, the artifact version cannot be retrieved, but it will transition to the Available state when the publishing operation is complete. The web interface does not allow you to change the state if it is currently Publishing.

  • in the Available state, the artifact version can be retrieved. To confirm this state, the checkbox is "checked," and unchecking this box makes the artifact version unavailable.

  • in the Unavailable state, the artifact version cannot be retrieved. "Checking" the box changes the artifact version state to Available.