1 minute readData analytics

CloudBees Analytics is the single source of truth to monitor and optimize the underlying CI infrastructure across your enterprise. With actionable insights, you can enhance your build performance, right-size your workloads over demand cycles, prevent unplanned downtimes, get a holistic view of your plugin usage across all your pipeline jobs, and lots more. With reports and dashboards, you can:

  • Learn how to access and use raw data that goes into creating the dashboards and reports.

  • Create your own custom dashboards and reports to visualize key metrics that are important to your organization.

  • Use built-in dashboards to focus on key metrics across releases and CI/CD pipelines from code commits to deployments, and more.

  • Use the CI Workload Insights to display key metrics and provide insight into your organization’s build throughput and CI system resources.

  • Use the CI Plugin Usage to provide visibility for all plugins installed across the organization’s CloudBees CI enterprise. It provides the information CloudBees CI administrators need to keep their enterprise at peak performance.