Inventory Tracking

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CloudBees CD/RO uses Inventory Tracking to track what is built, tested, and deployed by the application, including artifacts, artifact versions, resources on which the applications are run, and environments to which the resources are assigned. If there is an issue when an application is deployed you can find the details about what was deployed.

  • Use the Environment Inventory to track and view details of the objects that were deployed and artifacts in the application. It shows the status of the application deployment at a point in time. See Example: Modeling and Deploying Applications and Environment Inventory for more information.

  • Use the Application Inventory (on the Applications Run View page) to track and view the deployment results. It shows more details about the application at a point in time. Go to the Applications Run View page in the GUI to see these details. Go to Example: Modeling and Deploying Applications for an example.

Tracking at the Component Process Level

Inventory Tracking occurs at the component process level.

When defining a component process, you select one of these process types:

  • Deploy –Enables Inventory Tracking. The CloudBees CD/RO server tracks artifacts deployed to environments. This is the default.

  • Undeploy –After the first successful job step in a component process with this setting, the automation platform removes the environment inventory record.

  • Other –Disables Inventory Tracking.