Interactive Command-Line Upgrade Method

1 minute readDeveloper productivity

Use this procedure to upgrade CloudBees CD/RO. Review Upgrading a clustered environment or Upgrading a non-clustered environment, as appropriate, before performing this procedure.

When upgrading the nodes in a CloudBees CD/RO cluster, you must keep the other nodes stopped until the primary node upgrade is complete.

Also, after upgrading from CloudBees CD/RO 10.8 or earlier, delete all .old files, such as .properties.old in the conf subdirectory to finish the encryption process.

  1. Enter the following command to make the installer file executable:

    chmod +x ./CloudBeesFlow-<version>
  2. Choose one of the following commands to begin the upgrade:

    • If you have a Linux platform, enter ./CloudBeesFlow-<version>.

    • If you have a Linux platform with the X Window System, the installer will automatically bring up the graphical user interface.

      To override this behavior, enter ./CloudBeesFlow-<version> --mode console.

      The following prompt appears:

      Copyright (c) 2006-2018, CloudBees, Inc. All rights reserved.
      This will install CloudBees CD/RO on your computer. Continue? [n/Y]
  3. Enter: y

    The following prompt appears:

    Upgrade the existing <version> installation to version <version>? [n/Y
  4. Choose one of the following options:

    • If you want to upgrade your current CloudBees CD/RO installation directory, enter y.

    • Enter n to exit the installer.

    • CloudBees CD/RO 6.0 update: Clean install is not supported in the current version of the installer. Removed the following text:

    • If you want to specify a different installation directory (clean install) for the new version, perform the following steps:

      1. Enter y and complete the information for the subsequent prompts.

        The following prompt appears:

        Installing agent...
        Installing server... Copied log file to "/opt/cloudbees/sda/logs"
        CloudBees CD/RO <version> was successfully installed!
        Installer log file: /opt/cloudbees/sda/logs/installer.log.