Verifying CloudBees CD/RO Services

1 minute readScalability

You can verify what services are on a machine installed with CloudBees CD/RO software by the following methods:

  • If you have a Linux system

    1. Go to the /etc/init.d/ directory.

    2. Look for scripts starting with commander. For example, commanderAgent, commanderApache, commanderRepository, commanderServer.

    3. As root, from any directory, use this command format:

      /etc/init.d/<service_name> status

      where <service_name> is the CloudBees CD/RO service you are interested in, such as

      /etc/init.d/commanderServer status
  • If you have a Windows system:

    1. Go to the Services control panel.

    2. Look for services starting with the name "CloudBees CD/RO". For example, CloudBees CD/RO Agent, CloudBees CD/RO Database, or CloudBees CD/RO Server.

    3. If the services have a status of Started, they are installed and running.