Setting the Cluster Manager Host and Port

1 minute read

The --emake-cm option (or the EMAKE_CM environment variable) sets the Cluster Manager host name (either IP address or machine name) and must be specified. If the host name is not specified by either of those methods, eMake operates in local mode and performs like a traditional make program by running jobs on the local machine in serial order—without using the cluster hosts.

Cluster Build Example

The Cluster Manager host name is linuxbuilder.

  • You can invoke a build against the cluster by running:

% emake --emake-cm=linuxbuilder
  • Alternatively, use the EMAKE_CM environment variable:

% setenv EMAKE_CM linuxbuilder % emake

Local Machine Build Example

  • To force a local build (one not run on the cluster), leave the Cluster Manager host name undefined by running:

% emake --emake-cm=
  • Or, leave the EMAKE_CM environment variable is undefined:

% emake