Verifying CloudBees Flow Services

1 minute read

You can verify what services are on a machine installed with CloudBees Flow software by the following methods:

  • If you have a Linux system

    1. Go to the /etc/init.d/ directory.

    2. Look for scripts starting with "commander". For example, commanderAgent, commanderApache, commanderRepository, commanderServer.

    3. As root, from any directory, use this command format:

      /etc/init.d/<service_name> status

      where <service_name> is the CloudBees Flow service you are interested in, such as

      /etc/init.d/commanderServer status

  • If you have a Windows system:

    1. Go to the Services control panel.

    2. Look for services starting with the name "CloudBees Flow". For example, CloudBees Flow Agent, CloudBees Flow Database, or CloudBees Flow Server.

    3. If the services have a status of Started, they are installed and running.