Using Insight to Analyze Bitbake Build Processes

1 minute read

To enable this use of Insight, first use the bb2anno tool to synthesize a “pseudo-annotation” file from your BitBake build. This tool generates the file from BitBake buildstats data, BitBake build logs and runscripts, and optionally, eMake annotation files for those tasks in the BitBake process that were executed using CloudBees Build Acceleration.

You load a BitBake pseudo-annotation file into Insight just as you do with any other annotation file. If you have not yet created a pseudo-annotation file for the build for which you want to run reports, see the “Analyzing a Build Using ElectricInsight” section in the KBEA-00171 - Using eMake to Accelerate BitBake Builds Using ElectricAccelerator 11.0.1 KB article for instructions.