Server information

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This page displays overall information about the CloudBees CD/RO server. These links are at the top of the table:

  • Click the Settings link to go to the Edit Server Settings page.

    Use this page to edit properties for the CloudBees CD/RO server.

  • Click the Access Control link to go to the Access Control page for the server.

    See the Access Control Help topic for more information.

The tables have this information:

  • The System Access Control table displays top-level properties.Click on an item in the Category column to see, add, or modify privileges for that object.

  • In the Custom Server Properties table, click on a Property Name to view the property content.

    If using ectool , these properties can be accessed using the property name starting with " /server ". See the Properties Help topic for more information.

These links are provided within the table:

  • Create Property —Use this link to create a new server property.

  • Create Nested Property —Use this link to create a new nested server property.

  • Access Control —This access control link allows you to create or edit privileges for the property sheet.

  • The Actions column allows you to Edit or Delete the property in that row.

  • Settings - edit existing property settings