Editing shortcuts

1 minute readAutomation

Use this page to create a New Shortcut or Edit an existing Shortcut. Shortcuts appear on your Home page and provide quick access to other web pages, either in CloudBees CD/RO or elsewhere.

  • To create a new shortcut, type-in a shortcut name and the URL.

  • To edit an existing shortcut, re-type the new shortcut name or URL (or both).

The easiest way to create a shortcut to a CloudBees CD/RO automation platform page, such as the page for a particular project or procedure, is to navigate to that page and then click the "star" icon in the upper-right corner. This action automatically creates a shortcut and the star turns yellow to indicate a shortcut is in effect for the page.

If you click on the star icon again, the shortcut for that page is canceled.

Click OK to save your new or edited information and see your new/edited shortcut on the Home page.