CloudBees CI support policies

This page details the support policies specific to CloudBees CI on modern cloud platforms and CloudBees CI on traditional platforms.

You can view the full CloudBees Support terms and conditions at CloudBees support terms and conditions.

CloudBees CI support, in a nutshell

  • Only CloudBees-certified plugins are supported on CloudBees services based on the Jenkins core.

  • You must have installed the Support Core plugin.

  • CloudBees CI is delivered as multiple software packages for the different services required for a CloudBees CI deployment and for different platforms.

  • You can expect the various CloudBees CI packages to provide services that run in a Jenkins-core based runtime, and also services that run in other runtimes.

  • You can expect CloudBees to independently ensure that fixes to critical security issues and bugs affecting its customers are included in each monthly release of its Jenkins-based packages, even if they have not yet been incorporated into the community Jenkins release.

  • CloudBees will generally, but not always, release all packages monthly within n days after Jenkins-core LTS community releases.

  • You can expect any Jenkins-core runtime based service packages to incorporate all new features, bug and security fixes from the most recent Jenkins-core Long Term Support (LTS) release.

  • CloudBees reserves the right to release other CloudBees CI packages on a different schedule in the future.

How to get support

  1. Install the Support Core plugin.

  2. Generate a support bundle.

  3. Submit a Support Request through the Support portal.

  4. In the Support Request, specify an offering of CloudBees CI for the appropriate platform.

  5. Provide any additional requested information.

  6. Attach the Support Bundle you generated in the first step.

What you should expect next

After you submit a support issue, here’s what should happen next:

  1. You’ll receive an automated email indicating that CloudBees has received your support request.

  2. Depending on the priority level of your issue, you’ll be contacted by a CloudBees employee within the target response time.