CloudBees platform features

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The CloudBees platform provides developers and platform engineers with a cloud-native DevSecOps solution that streamlines the intricacies of cloud-native development and deployment throughout the software development lifecycle.

Key benefits

The platform includes the following features that help organizations accelerate software delivery velocity and improve security, compliance, and quality.

  • An open and integrated architecture based around popular open standards and existing open-source cloud-native technologies, such as Kubernetes, Tekton, OpenSearch, OAuth, OpenFeature, and Keycloak.

  • The ability to create CI/CD workflows using CloudBees actions YAML. These workflows run natively on Tekton/Kubernetes. This cloud-native architecture provides a highly scalable and flexible platform to automate key tasks, from building and testing code to deploying to production.

  • A visual workflow orchestration tool that makes it easy to create and manage complex software delivery pipelines. This helps organizations automate their software delivery process and reduce the time it takes to get new features into production.

  • Built-in security and compliance checks for source code, binaries, cloud environments, data, and infrastructure. This helps organizations identify and fix security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

  • Full extensibility and easy integration with existing plugins for many popular DevOps tools, including those for source code management (SCM), issue-tracking, cloud services, and software delivery.

  • Advanced configuration management that scales from individual users to large, complex organizations, reducing the cognitive load on users. Through role-based access control (RBAC), platform engineers can manage sensitive data, such as secrets and tokens.

  • Built-in value stream dashboards for security, velocity, and value delivery. The platform ingests data from tools across the software development and deployment lifecycle, and turns that data into actionable insights on these dashboards. This can help organizations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their software delivery process.

  • Feature Management (coming soon), that allows developers and product managers to optimize feature releases and customize the user experience. It gives teams control over who can access features across development, staging, and production environments.