CloudBees Support and Maintenance Terms & Conditions

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Note: The following information pertains to our current Essentials, Advanced, and Premier support levels. Customers on legacy Gold and Platinum support levels should refer to CloudBees Support and Maintenance Terms & Conditions (Legacy Support Levels).

  1. If CloudBees and Customer have entered into a separate written support agreement ("Support Agreement") incorporating these CloudBees Support and Maintenance Terms & Conditions ("Support Terms"), then these Support Terms govern the delivery of Support Services provided by CloudBees to Customer.

  2. If Customer and CloudBees have entered into a separate written agreement that incorporates these Support Terms and Conditions and licenses certain CloudBees Products identified on an Order Form ("Software Subscription Agreement"), then these Support Terms and Conditions and the additional Product-specific terms and conditions located at ("Product-Specific Support Terms") govern Support Services for the Products identified in the Order Form. The Product-Specific Support Terms are hereby incorporated into these Support Terms as applicable for the CloudBees Products licensed by Customer under the Software Subscription Agreement.

  3. Any capitalized terms not defined in these Support Terms shall have the meanings set forth in the Support Agreement or Software Subscription Agreement between CloudBees and Customer, as applicable. The terms and conditions of the applicable Support Agreement or Software Subscription Agreement shall prevail over any conflicting terms or conditions in these Support Terms. The terms and conditions of the Product-Specific Support Terms shall prevail over any conflicting terms or conditions in these Support Terms.

  4. Definitions

    1. "Diagnostic Support Services" are defined as CloudBees' response to: (a) Customer requests for diagnosis and resolution of issues with CloudBees’ Products; and (b) Customer questions regarding CloudBees’ Products or Jenkins features. CloudBees' obligations to provide the Support Services as set forth in these Support Terms depends on the applicable Support Level (e.g.,Essentials, Advanced, Premier) specified on the Customer’s Order Form.

    2. “Enhanced Support Services” are defined as CloudBees’ response to Customer requests for implementation, configuration, and architecture advice with respect to CloudBees’ Products.

    3. "Maintenance Services" means the bug fixes to correct issues affecting the functionality, reliability, stability, availability or security of Supported Products.

    4. "Standard Business Hours" means one of the following:

      1. For the CloudBees platform: 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM (0800-1800) from Monday to Friday in North American time zones.

      2. For all other CloudBees products: 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM (0800-1800) Eastern Time (ET) from Monday to Friday, unless otherwise specified in an Order Form, Support Agreement, or Subscription. The Customer may designate a single time zone for each applicable product or service.

    5. "Supported Products" means the Products identified as Supported Products on an Order Form.

  5. Diagnostic Support Levels and Response Times

    1. All Customer requests for Diagnostic Support Services ("Diagnostic Support Request") by Customer will be logged, after which CloudBees will perform an initial diagnosis and determine as far as reasonably practical the source of any problem which may have led to the Support Request.

    2. For Diagnostic Support Requests that are logged during non-standard hours, all response times shall commence at the beginning of the next business day.

    3. The below table defines Diagnostic Support Request Priority Levels and the Guaranteed Response Times for the applicable Priority and Support Level for Diagnostic Support Requests for all products excluding CodeShip. These Committed Response Times apply only to Diagnostic Support Levels Defined as including Committed Response Times.

    4. The Guaranteed Response Time for CodeShip Support Requests are one (1) business day for all Support Levels Defined.

  6. Support Request Priority Levels and Response Times

    Free Support Level (CloudBees platform Only) Community Support Level (CloudBees Feature Management) Essentials Advanced Premier

    Hours of coverage

    As available

    As available

    Standard business hours (24x7 for Priority 1)

    Standard business hours (24x7 for Priority 1)

    Standard business hours (24x7 for Priority 1)

    Support channel

    Community Forum

    Web & Email

    Web & Email

    Web & Email

    Web & Email

    Number of Cases






    Priority 1

    Commercially reasonable efforts

    Commercially reasonable efforts

    2 business hours

    1 hour

    1 hour

    Priority 2

    Commercially reasonable efforts

    Commercially reasonable efforts

    4 business hours

    4 business hours

    4 business hours

    Priority 3

    Commercially reasonable efforts

    Commercially reasonable efforts

    8 business hours

    8 business hours

    8 business hours

    Priority 4

    Commercially reasonable efforts

    Commercially reasonable efforts

    2 business days

    2 business days

    2 business days

    To provide Customer with 24x7 coverage, Customer must identify a dedicated point of contact who will be available to CloudBees until the Diagnostic Support Request is resolved.

  7. Priority Levels Defined

    Priority 1 (Urgent)

    Proven error of the Product in a production environment. The Product software is unusable, halts, crashes, or is inaccessible, resulting in a critical impact on the operation. No workaround is available.

    Priority 2 (High)

    The Product will operate but due to an Error in a production environment, its operation is severely restricted. No workaround is available.

    Priority 3 (Normal)

    The Product will operate with limitations due to an Error in a production environment that is not critical to the overall operation. For example, a workaround forces a user and/or a systems operator to use a time-consuming procedure to operate the system, or removes a non-essential feature.

    Priority 4 (Low)

    Due to an Error in a production environment, the Product can be used with only slight inconvenience. In addition, all product feature requests and general questions regarding product usage fall into this support level.

  8. Bug Fixing:

    1. CloudBees will investigate incident reports concerning suspected problems with supported Products provided that (a) Customer sends CloudBees a written report, which includes evidence of the suspected Issue, and (b) the incident can be reproduced or reasonably confirmed by CloudBees ("Confirmed Issue").

    2. CloudBees will use commercially reasonable efforts to promptly correct the Confirmed Issue or provide a workaround to permit Customer to use the Product substantially in conformance with the applicable Documentation.

    3. CloudBees may request that the Customer run diagnostic scripts provided by CloudBees to determine whether their current deployment of supported Products conforms to documented system requirements for the supported Product. See the per-Product support policies at for specific up-to-date diagnostic requirements for each Product.

    4. If Customer does not follow the diagnostic procedure specified for the supported Product, CloudBees has no further obligation to diagnose or fix the Confirmed Issue. If the Customer follows such procedures and CloudBees determines that there is an issue with the Customer’s configuration, CloudBees support may recommend corrective action that the Customer must perform before CloudBees has any further obligation to diagnose or fix the Confirmed Issue.

    5. If CloudBees suspects the Confirmed Issue results from interaction with another vendor’s software or hardware product, CloudBees can require the Customer to open a support case with that vendor. If the Customer does not open the support case with the vendor, CloudBees has no further obligation to diagnose or fix the Confirmed Issue.

    6. If Customer is not satisfied with the handling of the Confirmed Issue, Customer may pursue escalation procedures set forth in these Support Terms.

  9. RFEs (Requests for Enhancement)

    1. Any Customer request for functionality currently not documented as supported functionality of the Product will be classified by CloudBees as a Request for Enhancement ("RFE").

    2. All issues classified by CloudBees as RFEs will be forwarded to product management for triage.

    3. CloudBees will review all incoming RFEs and triage them as soon as possible. Triage involves classifying the RFE as relating to a specific area of Product functionality and assigning it to a specific product manager responsible for that area.

    4. Updates will be made to the Customer RFE to indicate when triage has been performed.

    5. Product managers will routinely review trends in RFEs in their assigned areas and use that as input to identifying priorities for design and development.

    6. RFEs will not be closed unless the product manager determines that the functionality already exists, in which case they will update support and support will ensure that the customer is notified.

    7. RFEs may remain open for extended periods in areas that are not yet prioritized for active design or development.

    8. Customers under platinum support may request a review with product management of their open RFEs.

    9. There is no obligation on CloudBees' part to implement functionality requested through an RFE.

    10. CloudBees may determine that there is a different solution to satisfy the underlying problem driving an RFE, in which case the Customer will be notified when that solution is delivered and their case will be considered resolved unless the Customer does not accept the solution and reopens the case.

    11. CloudBees product management may contact customers with open RFEs in an area which they are scoping for potential design or development to get additional detail on the customers' needs or review potential solution. This is on a best efforts basis only.

  10. Success Points:

    1. Success Points are a flexible way of consuming Proactive and Enhanced Support Services. Customers can manage and redeem Success Points through CloudBees’ Customer Success Management team (CSM). Success Points can be redeemed for support activities described in the Support Success Catalog.

    2. CloudBees reserves the right to add, change or remove Success Services from its Catalog at any time without notice to the Customer. CloudBees will acknowledge receipt of the Customer’s initial request to use their Success Points within 48 business hours. All Proactive and Diagnostic Support services are delivered remote.

    3. Additional Success Points may be purchased. If Customer is purchasing Success Services for a term that is not in increments of 12 months, the number of Success Points will be prorated for any partial years. Unused Success Points will expire at the end of the Subscription Term in which they are purchased (i.e., they will not roll-over into any renewal period). Unused Success Points will not be refunded and cannot be transferred to another contract.

    4. Customers are responsible for the evaluation and implementation of guidance and recommendations received via Proactive or Enhanced Support Services. Access to Proactive and Enhanced Support Services and a CSM is limited to local business hours 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday where the resource is located and are not available during local holidays and weekends.

  11. Premier Success Plan:

    1. As part of the Premier Success Plan, the Premier Developer Support Engineering Team works with the CloudBees Technical Support organization to help ensure consistent management and prioritization of Customers’ critical support issues.

    2. The Premier Support Engineering team will:

      1. Provide a Premier Support onboarding call providing comprehensive coaching for optimal ticket submissions.

      2. Provide a quarterly support assessment when requested by the customer. The outcome of this review will be a written report of notable issues and incidents, and specific technical recommendations about things the customer can do to be more successful with our products, based on their usage, environment, and other dependencies.

      3. Upgrade & Migration Weekend Support:

        1. The Premier Developer Support Engineering team is available Monday through Friday, except for holidays recognized by CloudBees, paid time off (e.g., vacation, sick time) in accordance with CloudBees’s paid time off policies, and CloudBees internal training days. For Premier Support customers, the Premier Developer Support Engineering Team will provide documentation and support bundles to the on-call weekend engineer and assist customers in scheduling Weekend Support.

        2. The Premier team will prepare upgrade & migration weekend support with the actions defined in the section “Premier Developer Support Engineering Team Weekend Hand-off of Scheduled Events”.

        3. CloudBees’ diagnostic support team may provide support for migrations and upgrades during weekends for critical issues, subject to the following conditions:

          1. The customer must have completed and complied with the enterprise software company’s required Assisted Upgrade & Test process prior to scheduling the migration or upgrade on the weekend.

          2. The customer must provide documentation and support bundles demonstrating successful completion of the required Assisted Upgrade & Test process to the satisfaction of CloudBees’ diagnostic support team.

          3. The customer must adhere to the agreed-upon schedule and timeline for the migration or upgrade, as communicated and approved by CloudBees’ diagnostic support team.

          4. CloudBees reserves the right to refuse weekend support or require restoring to backup for migrations and upgrades if the customer fails to meet the aforementioned conditions or if there are concerns regarding the stability, security, or integrity of the migration or upgrade process.

        4. Premier Developer Support Engineering Team Weekend Hand-off of Scheduled Events - CloudBees' Premier Developer Support Engineering Team may schedule and manage scheduled events during weekends, with the following procedures for handing off responsibility to the on-call team:

          1. Scheduling Responsibility: The Premier Developer Support Engineering Team will be responsible for scheduling and coordinating all scheduled events, including maintenance, upgrades, and other planned activities, during weekends.

          2. Hand-off Process: Prior to the start of the weekend, the Premier Developer Support Engineering Team will communicate the details of all scheduled events to the on-call team responsible for weekend support.

          3. Documentation and Instructions: The Premier Developer Support Engineering Team will provide comprehensive documentation and instructions to the on-call team regarding the scheduled events, including the purpose, scope, timeline, and required actions.

          4. Transition of Responsibility: The Premier Developer Support Engineering Team will ensure a smooth transition of responsibility to the on-call team, providing any necessary training, guidance, or support to ensure that the on-call team is adequately prepared to manage the scheduled events.

          5. Escalation Procedures: In the event of any issues, challenges, or escalations during the execution of scheduled events, the on-call team will follow established escalation procedures to ensure a warm handover when the Premier Developer Support Engineering Team is available for assistance and resolution Monday through Friday. If no resolution is provided, restoring from a backup is necessary.

        5. By requesting and receiving support for scheduled events during weekends, the customer acknowledges and agrees to abide by the above procedures and acknowledges that The Premier Developer Support Engineering Team will schedule and hand off responsibility to the on-call team in accordance with these terms and conditions.

      4. Priority Response and Resolution

        1. Premier Developer Support Engineer will Facilitate Internal Support Collaboration (ISC) of customer issues to speed resolution time while providing consistent management and prioritization of critical support issues

        2. Premier Developer Support Engineer will Escalate issue priority based on business impact

        3. Premier Developer Support Engineer will Coordinate responses to multiple open tickets and ensure the support team understands business priorities

      5. Continuous Improvement

        1. Premier Developer Support Engineer will Provide best-effort root cause analysis and retrospective views of high-priority situations

        2. Premier Developer Support Engineer will Advocate for engineering escalations as necessary and facilitate efficient closed-loop communications

  12. Technical Success Management Program:

    1. Program Definition: The Technical Success Management Program (“TSMP”) is provided as part of a Subscription to the Advanced or Premier support tiers only. The TSMP is an advisory program focused on the long-term success of the customer. The TSMP provides a named DevOps Consultant for the account, and the customer will have access to the named consultant for up to a maximum number of hours per week, determined by the Success Point allocation in the Order Form. Customers may purchase additional Success Points to allocate to the TSMP and increase the maximum number of hours per week available.

    2. TSMP Activities: The consultant(s) activities typically include, but are not limited to:

      1. Weekly Review Calls

      2. Ad hoc or recurring working sessions

      3. Success Reviews

    3. Currently, the TSMP Program advises customers only on the following Customer-hosted CloudBees’ products:

      1. CloudBees CI

      2. CloudBees CD/RO

    4. Term: Access to the TSMP commences on the Effective Date of the Subscription and continues until it has expired or has been suspended or terminated pursuant to the terms of the Agreement. Upon expiration or termination, Customer shall no longer have the right to receive the benefits of the TSMP. If access to the TSMP has been suspended due to an exhaustion of Success Points or a breach of the Agreement, then Customer’s access to the TSMP shall only be restored, as applicable, upon the purchase of additional Success Points or cure of any such breach in CloudBees’ sole discretion.

    5. Success Points Schedule

      Success Points Level Maximum Hours Per Week


      No participation















































































    6. TSMP Coverage and Limitations

      1. Hours of Coverage. The TSMP is offered during local CloudBees Standard Business Hours as set forth in the applicable Order Form, which are based on the physical location of the TSMP Consultant. The TSMP shall be delivered remotely.

      2. The TSMP does not provide an SLA; rather time with the consultant must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, and is subject to the consultant’s availability.

      3. The quote provides a maximum number of hours per week that a consultant’s time will be spent on activities that relate to the customer. These hours do not accrue and are not rolled over beyond the week, nor is any credit received for unused hours.

      4. CloudBees reserves the right to reassign consultants in its sole discretion. However, CloudBees values the long-term nature of the consultant’s relationship with the customer, and to the extent possible, CloudBees will attempt to keep consultants assigned to a customer.

    7. Ownership: The parties agree that no intellectual property rights shall be transferred as part of the activities of the TSMP.

    8. Subcontracting: CloudBees may subcontract the performance of any of its duties or obligations of the TSMP, provided that CloudBees provides prior written notice to Customer and that the subcontractor (including its employees) shall be responsible for complying with the applicable terms of the Agreement. CloudBees shall be responsible for the acts and omissions of any subcontractor.

  13. Escalation Procedures:

    1. Customer may escalate a Confirmed Issue by contacting or requesting an escalation via the support portal. For escalated Confirmed Issues, an action plan will be developed by the CloudBees support team and communicated to Customer.

    2. When an escalated Confirmed Issue has been resolved, the request for assistance will be considered closed upon the mutual agreement of the parties, such agreement not to be unreasonably withheld, delayed or conditioned. A Confirmed Issue of Priority 1 - 3 will not be considered resolved until one of the following activities has been completed:

      1. a resolution to the Confirmed Issue is obtained to Customer’s reasonable satisfaction;

      2. a computer software code change in the form of a patch or a new revision that corrects the Confirmed Issue without causing additional problems has been delivered to Customer, successfully installed and is working;

      3. a short term workaround is delivered and accepted by Customer, though such acceptance shall not absolve CloudBees from any obligation to provide a long term solution if required; or

      4. an engineering commitment is made, upon Customer’s agreement, to correct the Confirmed Issue in a future release of the CloudBees Software.

  14. Excluded Services:

    1. CloudBees has no obligation to fix Customer Issues or problems except for those expressly set forth in the foregoing Sections of this Support Agreement. Customer Issues or problems that CloudBees has no obligation to fix include the following situations without limitation:

      1. Customer is using an unsupported distribution, version or configuration of an open source package for which Customer has support;

      2. Customer has a Support Agreement for a CloudBees Product only and the Confirmed Issue is with a deployment of an open source software distribution independently of the CloudBees Product;

      3. The CloudBees Product is not used for its intended purpose;

      4. The CloudBees Product has been altered, damaged, modified or incorporated into other software in a manner not approved by CloudBees;

      5. The CloudBees Product is a release that is no longer supported by CloudBees;

      6. The software component is not listed as a supported component in the product documentation;

      7. The Confirmed Issue is caused by Customer’s or a third-party’s software or equipment or by Customer’s negligence, abuse, misapplication, or use of the CloudBees Products other than as specified in the Documentation; or

      8. Fixing the Confirmed Issue would require changes to Customer’s infrastructure or operating platform.

    2. If CloudBees determines that it has no obligation to fix the Confirmed Issue for one of the reasons stated above, the parties may, in their discretion, enter into a separate agreement authorizing CloudBees to provide professional services at a rate that is mutually agreed by the Parties.

  15. End of Life Policy:

    1. Customer acknowledges that new features may be added to or removed from the CloudBees Products based on market demand and technological innovation. Accordingly, as CloudBees develops enhanced versions of its Products, CloudBees may cease to maintain and support older versions or specific features of its Products. CloudBees will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify Customer in advance of a Product version or feature undergoing the transition from supported to unsupported status.

  16. Locked Version Support:

    1. Locked Version support provides the customer with best effort troubleshooting by our support engineers, but it does not entitle the customer to any new software versions. If you are on a Locked Version support offering, as noted on your order form, the terms above regarding "Maintenance Services," "Support Services,” and "Bug fixes" are limited to CloudBees providing commercially reasonable efforts at diagnosing an issue, identifying workarounds, or providing configuration changes, and there may be scenarios where support is unable to resolve a Confirmed Issue.

Last updated: April 11, 2024