Installing CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution on EKS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a powerful service for creating robust, highly-available clusters using the Kubernetes automated deployment platform. Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is a highly-available and secure kubernetes implementation that leverages the scalability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide a comprehensive solution when combined with the cloud-native development power and stability of CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution.

Installing the command-line program

Learn how to install the CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution command line interface (CLI) program on the following platforms:

Installing on Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Learn how to configure and deploy the EKS clustered service and install CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution on your cluster. Prerequisites and preconfiguration steps are discussed in detail to help better understand the process in-depth.

Upgrading CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution

What is CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution?

CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution provides a stable, predictable release line for teams building cloud native Kubernetes-based applications with Jenkins X. It comes battle tested and ready for production workloads with support and documentation vetted by CloudBees. As Jenkins X rapidly evolves, so will CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution with stability and reliability in the forefront.

The distribution will roll in new features on a monthly basis, always tested and documented - and you’ll be able to see what’s coming and choose when to adopt it. No breaking changes will get through unexpectedly.

Current Features

  • Environments

    • Google Cloud via Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

    • Amazon Web Services via Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

  • Git Providers

    • Github

  • Quickstarts/Buildpacks

    • Spring

    • Maven

    • Gradle

    • Go

    • Node

  • Pipeline Execution

    • Jenkins X Pipelines (Tekton)

  • Security

    • Vault integration


CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution requires the following supported services installed and configured prior to installation:

  • Git services: GitHub. You will need to create a GitHub organization for CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution. You will also need to create a GitHub bot account/username that can be utilized by CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution.

  • Access to a publicly accessible Docker Hub for creating and managing docker images.

  • A local machine that has a terminal application with a command-line (cli) shell such as bash or zsh for performing commands using the jx program.

For more information about CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution and how CloudBees supports it, read the support policies as well as the supported platforms matrix.

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