Upgrading CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution

One of the various benefits of deploying CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution in your cloud-based kubernetes development environments is the frequency of new releases, which contain new features, stability and usability improvements as well as bug fixes and security patches. CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution supports upgrades from v3 to the most current version.

Running the jx upgrade program

To upgrade CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution in your development environment:

  1. Download the most recent release of the jx binary and follow the same instructions for installing the current version on your operating system:

  2. Run the jx upgrade command at the terminal shell prompt:

    jx upgrade boot
  3. The upgrade program performs the following tasks:

    • The program clones the cloudbees-jenkins-x-versions repository to your local installation in ~/.jx/jenkins-x-versions overwriting the previous version.

    • Updates pipeline agent golang builder images from gcr.io.

    • A pull request is created in the remote development environment repository containing the changes to cloudbees-jenkins-x-boot-config, which upgrades your CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution configuration to support the latest version. The upgrade program displays the URL to the pull request.

      Your development environment repository was configured during the cluster installation process. For example, if you named your cluster acmecluster the dev environment repository would be called environment-acmecluster-dev in your remote Git host.

Merging your CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution upgrade

When the promotion-build Pipeline check on the upgrade pull request has passed, you can merge the changes to complete the CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution upgrade in GitHub by clicking Merge.