CloudBees CD release notes

CloudBees CD is an adaptive release orchestration platform that lets teams implement fast and adapt easily, with unprecedented insight and control of all types of releases–at any scale.

  • Automate deployments: Predictably deploy any application to any environment at any scale.

  • Orchestrate releases: Manage release pipelines and dependencies across all your teams, DevOps tools, and environments.

  • Gain DevOps insight: Track progress and identity patterns with 360º visibility into metrics across all DevOps processes.

Please refer to Maintenance lifecycle policy to learn which versions of CloudBees CD are currently supported as well as the Supported platforms page for the product to learn which platforms are supported.

CloudBees CD preview releases

These versions are released as a preview of the product. A preview is not production-ready. There are known and unknown issues. If you use a preview version, you are highly encouraged to use the last one released.

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CloudBees CD production releases