Working with Resources

1 minute read

A resource is a host cluster container for both static hosts and cloud burst hosts that will participate in a build. For example, you might want your builds to run on specific agents if certain tools are installed only on those agents. Resources let you define groups of agents that you can specify when running builds to narrow down which agents can be used in those builds. A resource can contain solely static hosts, solely cloud burst hosts, or a combination of each.

A static host is any system that is running Accelerator agents and is always (or effectively always) connected to the cluster. A static host could be hosted in the cloud (exactly as a cloud burst host would be) or on an on-premise physical or virtual machine.

A cloud burst host is any system that is running Accelerator agents and is provisioned automatically and dynamically as needed to satisfy demand (whereas a static host simply “exists”). Cloud bursting is an aspect of Cluster Manager resource management that lets you optimize build infrastructure utilization and costs without compromising performance.

The Cluster Manager lets you perform resource management tasks such as creating, editing, or deleting resources.