Global Arguments (Optional)

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Global arguments supply general information quickly, including cmtool online help.

Global arguments support using the “=” sign character.

--help [command]

Description: Prints this message and exits. If a command is specified, prints the help text for that command.


Description: Prints the list of available commands with a short description.

--help-fields <command>

Description: Displays a list of fields for a command—requires the <command> argument.


Description: Prints cmtool version number.

--server <hostname>

Description: CloudBees Accelerator server address. Defaults to the ACCELERATOR_SERVER environment variable. If this variable does not exit, default is to localhost.

--port <port>

Description: HTTP listener port on the CloudBees Accelerator server. Defaults to port 8030.

--securePort <securePort>

Description: HTTPS listener port on the CloudBees Accelerator server. Defaults to port 8031.


Description: Uses HTTPS to communicate with the CloudBees Accelerator server.

--timeout <seconds>

Description: cmtool waits for a response from the server for a specified amount of time. Timeout for server communication defaults to 180 seconds (3 minutes) if no other time is specified. After the timeout, cmtool exits but the server will continue to process the command.

--output <style>

Description: Set output style—default is 'xml'. ‘xml’ for an XML document; ‘csv’ for comma-separated values; ‘simple’ for no formatting; ‘silent’ for no output

--fields <list>

Description: List is a comma-separated list of fields to emit when using ‘csv’ or ‘simple’ output styles. Default is all fields.

--sessionFile <path>

Description: Overrides the location where session information will be stored.