What’s New

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New Features and Functionality in Version 5.4.0

Visual Studio IDE Extension

  • The automatic search and addition of Electrify roots is enhanced. This feature now automatically scans your project files and determines all inputs and outputs for that project and adds them to the eMake roots. These settings are saved as part of the project settings for subsequent builds. (VSP-1214 and VSP-1195)

  • A progress bar for eMake root generation is added as part of this enhancement. This progress bar appears when you select a command to invoke a build. For details, see Electrify Roots Progress Bar.

  • Support for Visual Studio 2019 is introduced for builds invoked using the Visual Studio IDE extension. (Command-line builds, which use ecdevenv and the Visual Studio Converter Extension, do not support Visual Studio 2019.) (VSP-1185)

Visual Studio Converter Extension

  • No changes.

ecdevenv Utility

  • No changes.

ecmsbuild Utility New!


  • The installer now turns off the Visual Studio Customer Experience Improvement Program (VSCEIP). For Visual Studio 2012 and later, it is turned off on a global, machine-wide basis. For Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, it is turned off for the current user only. (VSP-1216)

Other New Features and Functionality

  • The performance of incremental builds is improved. (EC-13637)

Resolved Issues in Version 5.4.0

Visual Studio IDE Extension

  • An issue where memory-resident programs related to Electrify and the Visual Studio Extension were sometimes not detoured upon exit is fixed. Electrify now kills the following processes so that manual termination as a workaround is not needed. (VSP-1220)

  • msbuild.exe

  • mspdbsrv.exe

  • electrify.exe

  • electrifymon.exe

  • electrify_proxy.exe

  • csc.exe

  • link.exe

  • cl.exe

Visual Studio Converter Extension

  • No changes.

ecdevenv Utility

  • An issue where ecdevenv could not find the eMake executable because of an incorrect eMake registry entry is fixed. (VSP-1209)


  • The Tools > Extensions and Updates > <CloudBees_VSPackage_name> > More Information target URLs are changed from the electric-cloud.com home page to the cloudbees.com home page. Also, the Getting Started target URL is changed from docs.electric-cloud.com to point to the Accelerator documentation directly. (VSP-1146)