CloudBees Accelerator Insight 5.6 User Guide

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This guide describes how to use CloudBees Accelerator Insight ® (”Insight”), which is desktop software that you use to conduct performance analysis and troubleshooting for your builds. Until now, there has been little visibility into builds to “see” why a build was slow, why a build broke, or which dependencies were involved. Insight removes the “black box” around software product builds and provides easy-to-understand performance data.

About CloudBees Accelerator Insight

Insight depicts how a build is structured and run, empowering build managers to pinpoint performance problems or conflicts in a parallel build. Developed to work with CloudBees Accelerator ® , Insight mines information produced by Electric Make ® to provide an easy-to-understand, graphical representation of the build structure for performance analysis.

Insight provides detailed information and reports for at-a-glance diagnostics for each job on each host in the build cluster. Users can identify which jobs are performing, when, and with which files. Instead of manually reading through tens of thousands of lines of information in log files, error detection and performance tuning that used to consume hours or days can now occur in a few minutes or seconds.

By observing and tracing serialization sources or slowdowns, you can fine tune your build for maximum speed. Insight lets you pinpoint areas to improve in your build process and find answers to these questions:

  • Are any unnecessary serializations occurring?

  • Is there a gap where one or more agents is not busy?

  • Which job chains are the longest, and can they be shortened?

  • Which files are being modified (created, updated, or deleted) multiple times?


The CloudBees Build Acceleration Insight User Guide (this document) is available online. To view the user guide, choose Help > User Guide in the CloudBees Build Acceleration Insight application or browse to CloudBees Build Acceleration Insight User Guide. The CloudBees Build Acceleration Insight Release Notes are available at CloudBees Build Acceleration release notes.

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