Configuring CloudBees Accelerator for Agent Cloud Bursting

1 minute read

Accelerator includes integrations to support Kubernetes, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). These integrations let you configure the Cluster Manager to use any of these cloud-based platforms to deploy agents on demand. These are called “cloud burst agents.” Note that you can have “cloud-based” agents that are not on-demand and thus are not “cloud burst” agents.

Cloud bursting is an aspect of Cluster Manager resource management. You configure cloud bursting on a per-resource basis, so that each resource can have different specific cloud burst settings. You use the Cluster Manager web UI or the Cluster Manager command line tool (cmtool) to specify cloud burst settings for resources, including the cloud provider, cloud machine types, and so on.

For details about using the Cluster Manager web UI, see the CloudBees Accelerator Cluster Manager Guide. For details about using cmtool, see the cmtool Reference Guide.

Configuring CloudBees Accelerator for agent cloud bursting consists of the following overall steps: