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You can view the repository list in either of two ways:

  • From the CloudBees CD/RO UI: browse to https://<cloudbees-cd-server>/flow/ select DevOps Essentials > Artifact Management from the main menu and then from the left-hand navigation select Repositories.

  • From the Automation Platform UI: browse to https://<cloudbees-flow-server>/commander/, from the main menu bar, select Artifacts, and then from the sub-menu bar select Repositories.

This page displays all artifact repositories available to this CloudBees CD/RO server.

  • Add Repository —Use this link to go to the New Repository page to add another artifact repository.

  • "Star" icon—Save this page to your Home page for quick access.

Column descriptions

Column Name Description / Actions

Repository Name

The name of the artifact repository. Select a repository name to go to the Edit Repository page if you need to modify that repository.

If you have multiple repositories and want to change the search order for retrieving artifacts, drag the icon (in the far left column) up or down to reposition an artifact to the order you need.


The name of the zone where this repository resides.


The server URL is in the form protocol://host:port/. Typically, the repository server is configured to listen on port 8200 for https requests, so a typical URL looks like https://host:8200/


Select this checkbox to enable or disable this artifact repository. By disabling this repository, users will not be able to retrieve any artifacts stored in this repository.


A plain text or HTML description previously supplied for this repository.


Delete —Delete the artifact repository on this row.