Run Workflow

1 minute readAutomation

Use this page to run a workflow.

  • The "star" icon allows you to save this job information to your Home page.

  • The "bread crumbs" Project: Upgrade-End to End / Workflow: Upgrade-Linux provide links to a previous web page.

  • The name after the Run Workflow page title is the name of the workflow you intend to run.

Starting State—This is the name of the current starting state for this workflow. If this workflow has multiple starting states and this is not the one you want to use, return to the Run Workflow pop-up dialog and select a different starting state.


  • Any parameters previously specified for this starting start are displayed. If no parameters were defined, this area will be blank.

  • If values are supplied, these are the default values specified when the parameter was created. If necessary, you can "type-over" these values to change them before running this workflow.

  • You must enter a value for any blank value field labeled "Required".

Click OK to run the workflow when your selections are complete.