Using Special Characters in CloudBees CD/RO Object Names

1 minute readAutomation

You should avoid using the following special characters when naming objects in CloudBees CD/RO. These characters have special purposes or meanings within CloudBees CD/RO or in the scripting language being used.

However, if any of these characters are used in object names, then your implementation must correctly escape them at runtime (meaning in context of the scripting language, such as JavaScript, Groovy, or Perl) to avoid errors or unexpected behavior.

Character Description

Used for absolute property paths in CloudBees CD/RO. The path syntax is similar to a file system path specification.

[] or .

Used in JavaScript.

'{}' or '='

Might cause problems when used in job names. Some operating systems do not allow directories containing these characters.


Used for escaping.

(space) or '

Should be enclosed in quotes when used in ectool or JavaScript. Otherwise, it should be escaped properly. Also, spaces might cause issues when used in resource pool names and should be avoided.

, or ;

Might cause issues when used in user names (such as in a list of approvers).