Automation Platform

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CloudBees CD/RO is built on a powerful proven automation platform that natively integrates domain-specific capabilities for Enterprise-level continuous delivery. The automation platform gives distributed DevOps teams shared control and visibility into infrastructure, toolchains, and processes. It accelerates and automates the software delivery process and enables agility, availability, predictability, and security across many build-test, deployment, and release pipelines.

This section describes how to create, configure, and manage objects in the automation platform that make the automation of build-test processes, application or microservice deployments, and pipelines possible in CloudBees CD/RO. Examples include:

  • For build-test automation: Configuring resources and creating procedures to build and test your software.

  • For deployment automation: Creating components based on artifacts, defining process steps with plugins, and assigning resources to environments.

  • For pipelines: Defining tasks based on procedures, workflows, or plugins.

  • For release management: Defining releases based on pipelines.

You use only the automation platform UI to configure CloudBees CD/RO to perform these tasks. The objects and operations for build-test automation are the same as those for the automation platform.

You can also use Perl API commands through ec-perl and ectool, REST API commands, and DSL scripts. For information about using API commands and DSL scripts, see Using the CloudBees CD/RO DSL.