Path to production view

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The Path to Production view displays the application deployment status for each stage of the release. Details include versions, snapshots, and release conflicts.

To access the Path to Production view:

  1. Access the CloudBees CD/RO UI. select Release Orchestration  Releases from the main menu.

  2. Find a release that is in progress or completed.

  3. Select Path to production from the menu.

Use this table below to review application deployment status information.

path to production

Number Description


  • Bill of Materials displays application components.

  • These columns display the application component deployment status for each release stage.


  • Select the application path 2 prod info icon to view the project name, environment, deployment date, artifact names, and versions.

  • Select the component path 2 prod info icon to view a specific artifact name and version.


Use this comparative view to troubleshoot release conflicts.


Select these buttons to access release-related features.