Preparing Your Cluster Resources

1 minute readScalability

Before you install any CloudBees CD/RO software, you must complete the following tasks:

  1. Identify all machines to be used in the horizontally scalable configuration. It is helpful to have all the network information and machine descriptions available before you begin any work so IP addresses can be used consistently throughout a cluster.

  2. Identify which systems will have a new installation of CloudBees CD/RO and which pre-existing systems will be converted to operate in a cluster. Because traffic between the load balancer and the CloudBees CD/RO server nodes is not encrypted, for security reasons all the CloudBees CD/RO server nodes should be located on the same private network as the load balancer, preferably in the same data center.

  3. Record the IP addresses of:

    • The load balancer machine

    • The machines that will run ZooKeeper

    • The web server machines

    • The CloudBees CD/RO server you will use to import configuration information into ZooKeeper

    • The remaining CloudBees CD/RO server machines that will make up the cluster

  4. Record the fully qualified domain name of the load balancer machine. This name will be used in several stages of the configuration process, and should be used consistently throughout the process.

  5. Install the load balancer on a machine. For more information, see the instructions from the manufacturer.

  6. Install ZooKeeper on an odd number of machines. To eliminate a single point of failure, three or five instances of the software are recommended. For more information, go to Installing ZooKeeper .