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On this page

How to get to here : Browse to https://<cloudbees-flow-server>/flow/. If you have not already logged in, see Logging in to CloudBees CD/RO . After successful login, you are directed to your home page.

Default home page

As shipped, this is the default home page.

home page labeled

Header Section


Main menu button—Opens a list of launch pads for other CloudBees CD/RO pages.


Favorites —Opens the favorite pages list, if so configured. If no pages have been made a favorite, this icon is not present. Select an entry to go directly to that page.


Favorites button—Indicates favorite status for the current page. It appears in one of the following states.

  • Not a favorite —Indicates the current page is not on the favorites list. Click to make the page a favorite and optionally, rename it and make it the user’s home page.

  • Favorite —Indicates the current page is on the favorites list. Click to remove the current page from the favorites list.

  • Favorite and home page —Indicates the current page is both a favorite and is the user’s home page. Click to remove the current page from the favorites list.


My Work button—Opens the My Work page.


CloudBees Analytics Dashboards button—Opens the CloudBees Analytics Dashboards page.


Service Catalog button—Opens the All Items list page for the Self-Service Catalogs


Release Calendar button—Opens the release calendar page for all projects or a specific project


Indicates the user who is currently logged in and provides the following actions:

  • Tutorials: Redirects you to Guided tutorials.

  • Timezone: Opens a dialog box containing a menu for selecting the timezone in which you will use the software.

  • About: Displays a popup containing the build version, UI version, build label, and protocol version of the installed release.

  • Help Center: Redirects you to CloudBees CD/RO Support.

  • Logout: Click to sign out the current user.


List management: click buttons to delete and create lists


Home page payload. This varies based on current default home page setting.