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CloudBees Release Orchestration SaaS Insights, for CloudBees CI, CJOC, and Jenkins, enables users to understand project development performance in a given timeframe. Insights provides a range of information on project activity, including run time, total number of runs, jobs configured, system health, and usage patterns. You can display the data in either a tab or heatmap view.

Tab view
Figure 1. A tab view of CI Insights  Insights with Tab View and Heatmap View highlighted

Calculations are based on the total number of runs executed during the timeframe.

Sort the tab and heatmap views by:

  • Project name

  • Project failure rate

  • Number of projects

  • Last active project

Accessing Insights

To access Insights, select CI Insights  Insights from the CloudBees Release Orchestration SaaS Home page.

Tab view
Figure 2. An example of CI Insights  Insights, displaying the Tab View and Overview.

As displayed in Figure 2, Insights provides the following information in Overview:

  1. Switch between CI tool types.

  2. Switch between Heatmap View and Tab View.

  3. Select Overview.

  4. The doughnut graph in Project Types displays the project types.

  5. System Information displays the version, number of users, plugins, executors, and nodes.

  6. System Health checks:

    • Disk space

    • Plugins

    • Slowest

    • Temporary space

    • Thread deadlock

  7. The Runs Overview, which is also shown in Usage Pattern, displays actual and expected for:

    • Active runs

    • Idle executors

    • Number of runs waiting to start

    • Average time waiting to start

    • Current time to idle (before new builds can start)

  8. Completed Runs displays a chart of the run information for the time frame with the following color designations:

    • Successful runs are green

    • Failed runs are red

    • Aborted runs are black

Hover over a run (shown as a dot) to display the run details.
Heatmap view
Figure 3. An example of Insights, displaying the Heatmap View and Project Activity.

As displayed above, Insights provides the following information in Project Activity:

  1. Switch between CI tool types.

  2. Switch between Heatmap View and Tab View.

  3. Select Project Activity. Project Activity displays:

    • Project name

    • Time last active

    • Project type

    • Total executed (and replayed)

    • Number of successful, failed, aborted and unstable runs

    • Average run time

  4. Select from the Project Type options.

  5. Select a date range. The default is seven days.

  6. Sort by:

    • Most active

    • Most failing

    • Idle

    • Slowest

    • Project name

    • Filter out idle projects