Manage groups

2 minute read

A Group is collection of Jenkins Pipelines or Jobs you would like to have a close eye on by tracking its activity and performance in one place. It can be from the same or different Jenkins instances.


Group helps you to combine the pipeline together in the given project and understand the performance of project development and display it for the user’s easy view. Also roles can be assigned to each group based on pipelines they work on.

Create group

  • You can create a group by following the given below steps

  • Under Pipeline composer tab, select Manage Groups, following screen opens

  • Click Create Group. A new window will pop-up allowing you to create groups.

  • Enter Group Name that you wish to create and you can provide the access to the group created under Manage User Access based on their roles like Admin, Developer etc.,

  • Click Create and you will see a new group created. Once a group is created, you can also manage the user access of the pipelines and also the group access.


Delete group

  • You can delete an existing group only if there are no pipelines added to it. This can be done by clicking on Delete Group next to the group name.


    When you click on Back to composer page it will redirect you to Pipeline Composer screen.


Move pipeline

You can move a pipeline from one group to another group based on your needs.

  • Select a group in which you have the pipeline that is to be moved.

  • When you click the Pipeline name, you will see an option to Move Pipeline.

  • Click on Move Pipeline, you will be able to see the groups to which your pipeline should be moved.

  • Choose that Group Name. Now, you will see the respective pipeline under the group you have choosen.