What’s New

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New Features and Functionality in Version 5.3.0

This version contains a number of updates. Among these updates, the Visual Studio IDE extension uses CloudBees Accelerator Electrify to build rather than ecdevenv, so there are extensive changes to the settings dialog and the behavior of the build.

Electrify Replaces ecdevenv and eMake for GUI-Based Builds

The IDE extension now uses the CloudBees Accelerator Electrify build tool rather than ecdevenv and eMake. This update introduces a number of changes:

  • Electrify does not use a history file and cannot detect conflicts like eMake. Your build must be able to be run in parallel with Visual Studio.

  • Support for the Visual Studio 2005 IDE is ended (however, command-line builds for Visual Studio 2005 are still supported).

  • Schedule optimization is no longer available.

  • Electrify does not convert Visual Studio projects into NMAKE format, which eliminates “conversion” time.

For more information about Electrify, see Electrify. Note that ecdevenv remains available from the command line.

GUI Updates

  • The Electric Cloud main menu title is now Accelerator.

  • The Solution Settings dialog box is extensively overhauled and simplified.

  • Electrify does not use the Visual Studio converter extension for builds invoked from the GUI. This means that this extension is no longer called from the IDE extension, and the corresponding options for this extension are removed from the Solution Settings dialog box.

  • The Debug menu item now debugs the active configuration instead of the currently-selected project.

  • The product is rebranded to “CloudBees.”