Server Settings

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Use this page to set server preferences for resource statistics, message logging, notifications, and transmission of anonymous usage statistics to CloudBees.

Field and Menu Descriptions

Field or menu Description

Default Priority

Class build default priority and default boost values. A build class has a default priority and a default boost value of Normal and 0 respectively by default.

The range for possible boost values is an integer from -10 to +10. A higher value means that builds in that class have preference over builds with the same priority and a lower value (for using available agents).

If you change the default priority or boost values, a new build class will have those values. However, you can change these settings individually for each build class via the Edit Build Class or New Build Class page.

Resource Statistics Interval

Interval in minutes to collect resource usage statistics

Resource Statistics Keep

Number of days of resource usage statistics to keep

Message Log Keep

Number of days to keep message log entries. You should keep 30 days of message logs (but you should monitor message log sizes to ensure sufficient storage space)

Email Interval

Number of minutes between email notifications

Email Item Limit

Maximum number of messages in an email notification

Email From

Value to use in the From header element for the email notification

Email Prefix

String used to prefix subject lines

IP Address

The IP address of the Cluster Manager server used for agent connection during cloud bursting.

Report Usage Statistics?

Opt in to or out of transmission of anonymous build performance and feature usage data to CloudBees. (Opt-out is not available for trial usage.) This data is used to plan the strategic direction of the Accelerator product line. Proprietary user data is never transmitted.

Examples of data that is transmitted are build start times and durations, total workload, and conflict counts. Examples of data that is never transmitted are file names, file contents, and command-line arguments.

Click OK to save your settings.