Builds page

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The Builds tab shows:

  • Running and completed builds

  • Status for each build (such as successful or ended because of an error)

  • Additional build information


  • Click a build name to open that build’s Build Details page, which provides detailed information about the build, including access to the Build Log.

To configure the Builds page so that users can see only their own builds, see the Permissions topic.
  • After filtering builds, you can then stop or delete the builds in the filtered results by clicking the 71 or 77 button respectively

  • The Actions column lets you delete or stop a build or view its build-related messages by clicking the 28 or button respectively

  • You can also:

  • Click a column heading to sort the information in that column

  • Set the page refresh interval to keep the information current

  • Set the number of records you want to see per page

Column Descriptions

Column Description


Build ID number assigned by the Cluster Manager


Build name as defined by the build class tag definition


Build class containing the build. A default build class name is displayed if one is not assigned


User who started the build and the machine where the build was invoked. (Mouse over the field to see the IP address)

Start Time

Date and time when the build was started


Build duration (the elapsed time between the start and end time)


Build’s result or status:

15 Paused by a breakpoint


Completed successfully

Agent availability (using a percentage bar) during a running build. On mouse over, Requested indicates the number of separate build steps for which eMake identified and requested agents

Timed out. For details about possible causes, see KB article KBEA-00039 “ Fixing builds that the Cluster Manager reports as timed out.”

Stopped manually

15 Failed or encountered an error

icn16px bld waiting for license Running but waiting for a build license. This appears when the number of concurrent builds has reached the license limit. The build will resume when another build stops running for any reason (because it completed successfully, completed with an error, was stopped from the Cluster Manager, timed out, and so on).


Operating system platform of the machine running the build:

15 Linux

15 Windows


Build priority for acquiring agents when the build runs:

23 High (three green bars)

22 Normal (two yellow and one white bar)

21 Low (one blue and two white bars)


24 Opens the Messages page for viewing all system log entries for the build

Deletes a non-running build

28 Stops a running build