Resources page

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This page displays all defined resources. A resource is a host cluster container for both static hosts and cloud burst hosts that will participate in a build. A resource can contain solely static hosts, solely cloud burst hosts, or a combination of each. For more information about resources, the purpose of resources, and a description of static versus cloud burst hosts, see Working with Resources.


  • Clicking a resource name opens the resource’s Resource Details page.

  • You can create a new resource or delete existing resources.

  • The Actions column lets you edit or delete the resource in that row.

  • You can also:

  • Set the page refresh interval to keep your information current.

  • Set the number of records you want to see per page.

Column Descriptions

Column Description


Unique name for your resource definition. The name can contain numbers and letters.

This is also the name that you specify in the --emake-resource=resourcename command, in the build class’s Resource Request field (on the web interface), or or as the environment variable EMAKE_RESOURCE.

Static Hosts

Host names that satisfy the resource name. This field is empty if no static hosts have been configured.

Host name masks follow the same standard globbing rules as Make. (Globbing lets you use a pattern to match one or more files.)

Pattern arguments may contain any of the following special characters:

*—Matches any sequence of zero or more characters

?—Matches any single character

[…​]—Matches a set or range of characters. For example, myhost [1-9] matches the hosts 'myhost1' through 'myhost9'

\—Escapes the following characters

Matching Hosts

The number of static hosts from the list of static hosts associated with this resource. Applicable if the resources configures static hosts.

Matching Agents

The number of active agents running on the matching hosts. This comes into play only if the resource configures static hosts.

Cloud Provider

The cloud provider supplying cloud bursting. This field is empty if no cloud provider has been configured.

Cloud Burst Hosts

The number of cloud burst hosts from the cluster instantiated for this resource. Applicable if the resource configures a cloud provider and it is in use.

Cloud Burst Agents

The number of active agents running on cloud bust hosts. This field is set to zero unless there are agents available from cloud bursting.


Edit or delete the resource by clicking on the corresponding icon.