Process concepts

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At the application (parent) level, you author application processes. When deploying an application, the application process that you select is executed to orchestrate operations against the application. An application process step can be defined as a call to a CloudBees CD/RO plugin, procedure, or component process as well as a direct command, script, a manual task, or a utility function (a higher-order operation than a plugin).

At the component level, processes are used to define the automation steps to perform on the artifact defined in the component details. These processes can be used to deploy, undeploy, or do any other action. Each master component can have one or more component processes, and each process can have specific automation steps. These steps can describe how to perform specific tasks such as publish or retrieve an artifact, stop a server process, copy files, restart the server, and so on. A master component must have at least one component process. You can parameterize the master component processes so that certain behaviors can be achieved when master components are used in an application definition. For example, you can have port number as a component process parameter for a master component, and have different values for the port number in different application models where this master component is used.