Audit and compliance reports

1 minute readAudit and compliance

Native audit reports in CloudBees CD/RO aggregate data generated and collected throughout CloudBees CI and CloudBees CD/RO processes into easy to read reports that address auditing requirements of CloudBees CD/RO customers.

The following reports are available:

Accessing reports

  1. Navigate to Release Orchestration  Pipeline Runs and select a pipeline run from the list. The pipeline run entry expands to show details.

  2. From the right-side Actions menu, select Audit Reports. The Reports dashboard displays as shown below.


Report tabs: Select the desired report. Here, the Time Duration report is selected.


Pipeline Run Details: This section appears for each report type.


Report Details: This section appears for each report type. The format of this section varies by report type.


Build Details: This section appears if CI pipeline build data is attached to the pipeline run. See Viewing pipeline build data for details about associating CI pipeline build data to a CloudBees CD/RO pipeline.

Approval audit report

The approval audit report provides a single tabular view showing all manual and automated gates and manual task details for a given pipeline or release run.

audit approval report

Evidence audit report

The evidence links audit report collates all evidence links from each of the pipeline stages of all release pipeline stage summary links.

audit evidence report

Time duration audit report

The time duration audit report focuses on showing the time (duration) to complete all stage and gate tasks.

audit time report