Managing users

2 minute read

The section describes how to change your user account information.

A user is a person who has a CloudBees Feature Management account. See the Signup Page to create an account. You can change user account information such as name, company affiliation, and password.

Updating your avatar

CloudBees Feature Management is a Globally Recognized Avatar (Gravatar) enabled site. Your Gravatar image will automatically appear in the CloudBees Feature Management dashboard. See for information on how to upload your avatar and update your avatar.

Changing your information

  1. Click on the link in the upper-right-hand corner with your name and avatar.

  2. Click Account.

  3. To change your name, simply edit your first and last name in the Name field. This is a mandatory field.

  4. To change your company, modify the text in the Company text box.

  5. You cannot modify your registration email address, and you cannot modify your password directly.

  6. To change your password, click the Reset password link above the Password text box.

  7. This will bring you to a screen confirming that you want to reset your password. Click Send.

  8. You will then receive an email with password reset instructions.

Deleting user accounts

This section describes how to remove a CloudBees Feature Management user account.

You can delete your CloudBees Feature Management account in User Settings. After your account is deleted, your user account is removed from the system, and you will not be able to log in to your account.

  1. Select the link in the upper-right-hand corner with your name and avatar.

  2. Select Account.

    • Select the Delete Account tab at the top.

    • Select Delete.

    • When prompted to confirm, select Delete in the popup.

    • You will be logged out and unable to log back in to that account, unless you request to have the account restored.