Audit log

1 minute readAudit and compliance

The audit log captures a detailed history of any requests and changes made to flag configurations for each environment.

The default view displays changes made within the Last 30 days.

Audit Logging

Accessing and reviewing the audit log.

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The audit log includes the following information according to the type of request or change that is made:

  • Timestamp of the request or change

  • Team member who requested or made the change

  • Acceptance/rejection of requested changes

  • Additions, modifications, and removal of target groups

  • Deployment percentage changes

  • Deployment rules changes

Viewing the audit log

The audit log can be accessed from within CloudBees Feature Management.

To view the audit log:

  1. From the CloudBees Feature Management Home page, select Audit log from the left navigation pane. The audit log is displayed.

  2. To view a different environment, from the top of your screen, select the environment you wish to view. The audit log displays the changes for the selected environment.

  3. To view a different range of dates, from the top of your screen, select the relevant dates or select Date range. For Date range, choose the Start Date and End Date, then select Apply.

    The audit displays the changes for the selected dates.