Approval requests

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In many cases feature flags change the production environment or other regulated environments. By default, flag changes do not require a review or an approval within the tool before they are released.

Approval requests for CloudBees Feature Management provide the ability for changes to be reviewed and approved before they are implemented. This capability allows companies that require a higher level of governance to enforce change management policies and to stay compliant with SOC and SOX requirements.

Approval requests also provide the ability for read-only users to create a new feature flag for the default audience and submit it for approval. This is possible because flag changes do not go live without approval from an administrator or a colleague with write permissions.

Users with read-only permissions cannot approve change requests to CloudBees Feature Management.

Users with write permissions can optionally submit a request for approval to a feature flag, or they can submit a change directly without requesting an approval. Once an approval request is submitted, however, it can only be approved by an administrator or a colleague with write permissions.

This page describes the process of submitting a review and approval request for a new feature flag, how to withdraw a request, and how to approve a flag request.

Feature flag approval requests are not enabled by default. To enable approval requests, please email

Requesting approval

When approval requests are enabled, and a request is pending, the Audience targeting page will be disabled to other users.

To request a review and approval for your feature flag:

  1. In the left pane, navigate to Flags in environments Production.

  2. Create or update a feature flag.

  3. In the bottom right corner of your screen, select Save targeting Request approval to send the approval request.

    If your submission for approval is successful you will see the requested changes on your screen, you will receive an email notifying you that the change has been submitted, and an email will be sent to your administrator and colleagues with write permissions. An alert will briefly appear at the top of the page with the following message:

    If your submission is unsuccessful the alert will briefly display an alert notifying you that the request failed, and the possible causes. And a second alert that persists will be displayed in the middle of your screen with a link to request support as follows:

Withdrawing an approval request

To withdraw a request that you created and is still pending:

  1. On the Audience targeting page, in the bottom right of your screen, select Save targeting Withdraw request to cancel the update to feature flags and unlock the Audience page.

Approving an approval request

To approve a pending feature flag approval request:

  1. On the Audience targeting page, select Save Targeting Approve changes to approve the request and unlock the Audience page.

Rejecting an approval request

To reject a pending feature flag approval request in CloudBees Feature Management:

  1. On the Audience targeting page, select Save Targeting Reject changes to reject the request and unlock the Audience page.

The Audience page is unlocked to allow new feature flag creation, and an email is sent to the feature flag author with the name of the reviewer and the status of the request.

Reviewing the feature flag audit logs

The audit logs track the following information:

  • The author of the change

  • The type of change that was requested or implemented

  • The date and time the change was made

  • The flag configuration

To view previous changes to a feature flag and approval request information:

  1. Select the feature flag to open it.

  2. Select the Audit Logs tab.

    The log defaults to display the last 30 days of activity.

  3. To view a different range of dates, select Last 30 days and then choose a display option, or select Date range and then select a date for the Start Date and End Date.