Enabling secret mode


When devModeSecret is enabled for an application, you can create flags and custom properties only if the application has the <the secret> defined in the Rox SDK setup code.

Enabling devModeSecret

To enable devModeSecret, contact CloudBees Feature Management support.

To contact CloudBees Feature Management support:

  • Send an email to support@rollout.io. or

  • Click the "Need Our Help" button in the CloudBees Feature Management GUI.

Once devModeSecret is enabled on the app, you will be able to see the code in the Installation Instructions on the CloudBees Feature Management GUI.

Setting up devModeSecret

The following shows the devModeSecret code that is added to the Installation Instructions.

 // For development builds only, add this line on app startup
const options = {
    devModeSecret: "<the secret>"
setenv("ROX_DEV_MODE_SECRET", "<the secret>", 1)
System.setProperty("ROX_DEV_MODE_SECRET", "<the secret>");
var options = new RoxOptions(new RoxOptions.RoxOptionsBuilder
          DevModeKey = "<the secret>"
options = RoxOptions(
    dev_mode_key='<the secret>'
 options := server.NewRoxOptions(server.RoxOptionsBuilder {
                DevModeKey: "<the secret>"
options = Rox::Server::RoxOptions.new(dev_mode_key: '<the secret>')
$roxOptionsBuilder = (new RoxOptionsBuilder())->setDevModeKey("<the secret>")
RoxOptions *options = rox_options_create();
rox_options_set_dev_mode_key(options, DEFAULT_DEV_MODE_KEY);
rox_setup(DEFAULT_API_KEY, options);
Rox::Options *options = Rox::OptionsBuilder()

Rox::Setup(DEFAULT_API_KEY, options);RoxOptions *options = rox_options_create();
 14     rox_options_set_dev_mode_key(options, DEFAULT_DEV_MODE_KEY);
 15     rox_setup(DEFAULT_API_KEY, options);