Deleting feature flags

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If a flag is deleted, it cannot be restored, and the name cannot be reused without help from CloudBees support.

To recover a flag or reuse a flag name, contact and provide the following information:

  • Flag name

  • Flag type

  • Flag variations

Feature flags that are no longer used in any environment can be deleted using the Flags overview screen. Removing unused feature flags helps maintain cleaner code and reduce technical debt.

Flags are across all environments. If you have read-only access to any configured environments, then you will not be able to delete a flag.

Figure 1. Delete flag

You can also hide a flag in an environment instead of deleting it. A hidden flag still works and is accessible to users.

If a flag is being used (in any environment), the system does not allow you to delete the flag.


To be able to delete a flag:

  • You must be an admin with full rights for all configured environments. If you have read-only rights to any environment, you are not able to delete a flag.

  • The flag can not have targeting on.

  • The flag can not have any dependencies.

Deleting a flag

To delete a flag:

  1. Select Flags overview.

  2. Locate the flag you wish to delete.

  3. Select the three dots at the far right of the flag’s row.

  4. Select Delete Flag.

  5. Select the check box and select Yes, Delete.

    Figure 2. Delete Flag dialog