Creating feature flags

Feature flags are the foundation of the CloudBees Feature Flags platform and can encompass many different types of logic and code.

Before creating a feature flag, first be sure to learn about them from About feature flags.

Flags can be created in either the CloudBees Feature Flags UI or by adding flag code in your app. Flags can only be created in the CloudBees Feature Flags UI after the SDK is installed in your app. Refer to SDK installation for more information.

Creating a flag from the UI

  1. To begin creating a flag from the UI, navigate to the Experiments view in the drop down of your Environments.

  2. Next click the blue Create Experiment button in the top right of the screen.

  3. Then on the drop-down of the pop-up screen, select Create New Flag.

    Feature Flags

  4. Enter in the name of your flag, and click Set Audience.

Your flag is now created!

To create a flag in code or to apply certain types of logic to your flags, select one of the following: