Getting started with Java SDK

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This section describes how to set up and install the Java SDK and how to deploy a feature flag.

Step 1: Setting up

To setup Java SDK, follow these steps:

  1. Create a CloudBees Feature Management account. See Signup Page to create an account.

  2. Get your environment key. Copy your environment key from App settings > Environments > Key.

Step 2: Installing the Java Server SDK

Add the CloudBees Feature Management Java Server package to your application by adding the following in the dependencies block:

Maven - pom.xml
implementation 'io.rollout.rox:rox-java-server:5.+'----
<dependency> <groupId>io.rollout.rox</groupId> <artifactId>rox-java-server</artifactId> <version>5.0.5</version> </dependency>

Create a container class called with the following code. This container class is where we will define all of our feature flags.

import io.rollout.flags.RoxFlag; import io.rollout.flags.RoxString; import io.rollout.configuration.RoxContainer; // Create Roxflags in the Flags container class public class Flags implements RoxContainer { // Define the feature flags public RoxFlag enableTutorial = new RoxFlag(false); public RoxString titleColors = new RoxString("White", new String[] {"White", "Blue", "Green"}); }

Add the following lines of code to your application:

// Initialize container class that we created earlier Flags flags = new Flags(); // Register the flags container Rox.register(flags); // Setup the environment key Rox.setup("<ROLLOUT_ENV_KEY>"); // Boolean flag example if (flags.enableTutorial.isEnabled()) { // TODO: Put your code here that needs to be gated } // Multivariate flag example if (flags.titleColors.getValue().equals("White")) { System.out.println("Title color is white"); } else if (flags.titleColors.getValue().equals("Blue")) { System.out.println("Title color is blue"); } else if (flags.titleColors.getValue().equals("Green")) { System.out.println("Title color is green"); }

Run your application

Running the application

The flag name is automatically added to the CloudBees Feature Management dashboard after running the application.